CIISCM membership provides industry-recognised certification for an individual’s cumulative industry experience and academic qualifications, giving prospective employers the assurance of the competency and skills of their security and crisis management experts.

As an independent organization, the Institute provides unbiased accreditation for training courses around the region, ensuring that individuals receive the highest quality of education and training.

Members gain access to a large network of skilled practitioners, education and professional development opportunities, which are designed to help cultivate leadership qualities and advance security and crisis management knowledge.

CIISCM is structured to meet the needs of the unique and diverse cultures of the Asia-Pacific region. Members of the Institute’s Board of Advisors are experienced security and crisis management professionals from around the world, ensuring global views and practices are equally represented.

The Institute is dedicated to promoting the role of security and crisis management professionals, and as such will continue to advocate for our members through lobbying efforts with governments, industry bodies and human resource professionals to improve recognition of our members’ services and qualities.

Areas of Focus

Take advantage of accredited training events and seminars to further develop your expertise and opportunities for advancement.
Corporate Security
General Security Management
Security Systems
Aviation Security
Crime Prevention
IT Security
Supply Chain Security
Close Protection

Accredited Training Providers


The Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management (CIISCM) is committed
to identifying and endorsing quality security training.


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