CIISCM is committed to raising standards within the security profession and encourages everyone working in security to actively and continually develop their knowledge, competence and expertise.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential way to remain current with the latest issues and developments in the security and crisis management arena, giving those who participate in the scheme a competitive edge over their peers. It is the process of continuing learning throughout professional careers by acquiring job-related competence and expertise. The CIISCM CPD scheme is a structured method of encouraging participants to achieve a minimum level of development over a set period of time. These skills can be gained from many different sources.

The CIISCM CPD Scheme is self administered. In the terms & conditions of membership, CPD means a demonstrated commitment to obtaining on-going professional development and knowledge and remaining certified in conformity with:

  • the CIISCM CPD Scheme, the details and requirements of which are published on the Institute’s website and which may be varied from time to time; or
  • a CIISCM accredited CPD scheme in an association, which is a corporate supporter of the CIISCM; or
  • any CIISCM endorsed CPD scheme such as in international jurisdictions or through partnerships with other professional or accredited bodies, as determined by the CIISCM.

Examples of activities which may meet the requirements of the CIISCM CPD Scheme include, but are not limited to:

  • studying or examination programme (excluding benchmark qualifications) of other bodies relevant to the risk and security industry;
  • attendance at lectures, seminars and other CIISCM events;
  • attendance at conferences, exhibitions and seminars relevant to work within the risk and security  industry;
  • the taking of short courses relevant to the work within the risk and security  industry;
  • the imparting of knowledge in relation to the risk and security  industry by coaching or mentoring;
  • preparation of papers for conferences and seminars relating to the risk and security industry;
  • writing of articles and reviews accepted for publication in relation to the security industry;
  • undertaking of committee work with trade associations for the risk and security industry or committees of security services organisations;
  • such other learning, training or other professional development as the Board of Advisors from time to time designates as or treats as Continuing Professional Development.

All CPD Activity must directly relate to the development of security and/or management proficiency. It should expand and update knowledge in security and/or security management, but should not include activity considered to be part of your everyday job.

Each member is responsible to ensure that:

  • the hours and type of CPD activity recorded are appropriate to the class of membership and membership designation used by the member.
  • they maintain an appropriate record of their CPD activities and such record complies with the requirements of the Institute’s scheme and with the requirements of their regulator.
  • they comply with the CIISCM audit requirements if selected for audit.

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