CIISCM provides opportunities for experienced security practitioners, academicians, and subject matter experts to write an article on anything and everything related to security, risk and crisis management to share it among all the security professionals. The article contribution opportunities are complimentary and only open to CIISCM Full Members. Interested Full Members can submit their article to CIISCM. The articles will be shortlisted and will be published in CIISCM E-Magazine and in website. If you are keen to share your thoughts with by contributing article but not a CIISCM Full Member yet, you may join CIISCM as a member and submit your article to CIISCM.


Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting an article for publication:

  • Articles submitted to CIISCM must not be a copied or a plagiarized work
  • Citation should be provided in the form of an endnote, at the end of the article where they quote or paraphrase the ideas
  • Articles must not be commercial or promotional with respect to any specific product or service
  • There is no specific word count or length for the article, but it is recommended to write short and concise article.
  • The article copy should be submitted in PDF Format.

Review Process: 

CIISCM Board of Advisors will review all the articles. In general, this process takes approximately two weeks. You will receive notification by email as to whether CIISCM is interested in publishing your article in the E-Magazine. If accepted, your article will appear in our E-Magazine. It will appear in the digital version of the issue and in our online archives.

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